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Chapter Two: Bad Weather, Good Vibes: Exploring Rio's Little Africa

The morning weather in Rio de Janeiro had its own plans for our hang-gliding adventure scheduled for 8 am. Unfortunately, the weather was not on our side, and so, we rolled with the punches and opted for the next best thing - an extra few hours of sleep. After all, what's a vacation without a little spontaneity?

Hungry but undeterred, we set out on our first excursion, the Rio Little Africa Tour. Following the advice to choose Uber Black (averaging around $20 each way) for a smooth ride, we called our Uber and headed to the meeting point at the Museum of Afro-Brazilian History and Culture.

The tour unfolded like a poignant narrative, guiding us through the painful yet powerful history of Africans in Brazil. It served as a stark reminder of resilience and strength. A particularly moving moment was our stop at a mass grave site, now transformed into a museum with a remarkable restaurant – a timely pitstop for nourishment.

As the tour concluded, we found ourselves in a bustling market gearing up for a lively party. The vibrant energy was contagious, leaving us with a sense of awe at the cultural richness that Rio had to offer.

With the day's exploration behind us, we called our Uber once more and headed back to the hotel to freshen up for the evening. Dinner awaited, promising to be a culinary delight and a perfect end to a day that didn't go as planned but turned out to be filled with unexpected treasures.

Stay tuned for more Rio adventures, where every twist and turn leads to new discoveries and the city's vibrant spirit continues to captivate us.


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