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Chapter 1: From Atlanta to the Marvelous City

The adventure kicked off at 11:55 pm on a Wednesday at the empty Maynard H Jackson Jr International Terminal. The destination? The vibrant city of Rio de Janeiro. The journey was a day of traveling through time zones, connecting flights, and unexpected discoveries.

The first leg of the trip took us to Lima, Peru, where we touched down at 5:25 am. A 4-hour and 25-minute layover awaited us, and with Lima's airport shops operating 24/7, we decided to indulge in some early-morning window shopping. Our curiosity led us to the SUMA lounge, a haven of comfort and amenities available for a reasonable $40 per person for a three-hour stay.

Inside, we discovered a haven that exceeded our expectations: an inclusive offer of an alcoholic beverage, unlimited food options, nonalcoholic beverages, showers, nap pods, Wi-Fi, and more. It was the perfect respite to recharge for the next leg of our journey.

As we lounged in comfort, enjoying the perks of the SUMA lounge, we chatted, savored delectable treats, and even caught a refreshing nap. The time spent in Lima became more than a layover; it became an integral part of our travel narrative.

It's worth noting, however, that when traveling with Delta to Rio, you find yourself navigating through their sister site, LATAM Airlines. (Insert eyeroll here – I'll delve into that saga later.) But for now, let's fast forward to our next flight, departing Lima at 10:50 am and arriving in the marvelous city of Rio de Janeiro at 5:55 pm.

As we descended into Rio, the city welcomed us with a lot of artistry that set the stage for the adventures that awaited. Following our pre-arranged transportation, we checked into our hotel, dined at the hotel restaurant, took in a much-needed shower, and, with the day's journey echoing in our minds, blissfully succumbed to the embrace of sleep.

Stay tuned as I unfold the next chapters of our Rio adventure, filled with unexpected twists, cultural delights, and the breathtaking wonders that awaited us in this vibrant city.


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